Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Blog...What to Expect

Okay, some people might have joined:

I am no longer going to be updating that website. Due to annoying spammers and seeing that other authors use blogger: I have to decided to make a blog using Blogger. So what can you expect? You may ask.

Home: Where I add my two cents to anything, making any general announcements.

My Work: Where I will post any novels, short stories, poetry that I have been working on.

Book Reviews: Where I critique novels: YA or adult fiction. I will occasionally read nonfiction by the way. (Textbooks, biographies, autobiographies, ect.)

Author Spotlight: If I am interviewed, live chats, ect. (Any questions involving me or my work)

Literary Longue: Author Interviews and recommendation I make for your reading pleasure.

Contact Me: Any questions, comments or concerns are appreciated. I will respond as soon as possible.

I might add new features as time goes on. I will officially release this site to the public once I am done making it.

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