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Interview with Angela Ackerman

There are many aspiring writers everywhere that wish for their work to be published but also to gain respect from fellow peers as well as having readers that enjoy their work. The journey to publication isn't easy. It takes years of dedication and determination along with crafting a perfect manuscript to send to potential publishers and agents. The tricky thing is to know where to turn or what to do in order to navagate the publishing process.

Yet the Bookshelf Muse, a blog created by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi is a valuable tool that all writers should use. Filled with tips and tricks of the trade, written in plain English and helpful-what's not to love? In fact,

That's why, today I have the pleasure of interviewing Angela Ackerman.

Q:  So you write for a YA and MG audience. What types of books do you like to write and which book (out of all of them) you have written so far, which one is your favorite?

A: I really love writing anything with a mystery element, and a lot of my books have a mythological tie in as well. My favorite book? Ack! This is like Sophie's choice! I guess I'd have to say it's Shear Fate, a Paranormal MG Mystery. Here's the tag line:
After the Fates miscut her life thread in the Destiny Loom, twelve-year-old Lexi beats death by drowning only to realize that those she cares about most are getting sick, and she is the cause. Unless Lexi can unravel the Fates' darkest secret and rebalance the Pattern in time, someone will die in her place, and that someone is her beloved younger  brother.
Q: Do you think satires (it can be dystopian, paranormal or sci-fi) can be published in this current market?
A: I think there is and always will be a market for satire, but the bar is high for this type of novel to succeed. The wit needs to crackle perfectly rather than come off hammy, you know? I personally love sarcastic characters!
Q: Seeing that the Bookshelf Muse is maintained and worked on by both you and Becca, which one of you came up with the idea to write the blog?
A: Well, technically I started the blog, put up one post, then totally chickened out and ask Becca to do it with me. LOL. I have often looked to Becca for courage, and she never disappoints! We talked about what the blog could look like, and how we could try and share what we were learning as writers on it, including the beginnings of what is now The Emotion Thesaurus.
Q:Usually, how long does it take, from when an writer is represented by an agent to when a book is published and is in bookstores?
A: I would love to give you a time limit here, I would. But the truth is that it completely varies. I know people who have gotten an agent, sold a book and within a year, it was on the shelf. I also know people who were with their agent for over 3 years before a sale happened, and then another year or two to see the book in the store. If I had to guess--and that's all it is, a <i>guess</i>--I would say an average is 3 years.Some imprints are acquiring books for immediate publication (within a year) but many are looking 1-2 years out. That can make a difference from the time between sale and shelf.
Q: Which author (either dead or alive) would you like to meet and why?
A: Stephen King. I love that man. So many dismiss him as a horror writer or a hack, but anyone who has read a significant amount of his books will see a pattern emerge. So many of his books are tied together, and you see the shape of it as you read more and more books. What he did takes...incredible scope. He is a master storyteller, and it would be brilliant to talk to him about writing.

Please check out The Emotion Thesaurus. This is a literary gem that you don't want to miss. What is the Emotional Thesaurus you ask? Well, it is a show-don't-tell brainstorming tool contains lists of body language, thoughts and visceral sensations for seventy-five emotions, ensuring writers will find the right description for any emotional moment.
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  • Thanks so much for letting me visit your blog, Raven! I loved your questions and now I have two for your readers: What author would you like to meet?  Is there an author who's book drew you to the writing path?

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